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Every couple will be presented with a keepsake copy of their final wedding service as it was performed, whether a small wedding or a larger one.
These are some of the services available:

Cultural Ceremony - A service that incorporates and celebrates diversity with different nationalities and customs. This can be done in a combination of cultures.

Scottish Wedding Ceremony - Pinning of the Tartan and announcement of the Laird and Lady.

Metaphysical Ceremony - A more spiritually based service.

Civil Wedding Ceremony - A Ceremony that does not include any religious references.
Themed Wedding Ceremony- Do you want something other than the typical wedding ceremony? Costume ideas are fantastic at making your wedding totally different. How about a medieval court theme or a masquerade ball. (maybe a fairy wedding, possible Halloween theme ?)
Wine Sharing or Rose Ceremony-very romantic, generally done with a candle light service.
Hand Fasting Ceremony- This is the original "tying of the knot." Old Irish, Scottish or British wedding ritual that incorporates a braid created just for the bride and groom involving blessing for a long and happy marriage during the making of the braid. This concludes with a "Blessing of the Hands." The braid is a fantastic keepsake marking the occasion.
Native Indian Ceremony- Native poems, prayers and blessings. Smudging and drumming are also a part of this service. Invocation of the four directions? Elders and family as well as guests are welcome to participate in ceremony.
Warming of the Rings- Blessing of the rings to be done by family or Mothers prior to the service. Then mothers, instead of the best man will present the rings to the bride and groom.
Ring Exchanges (including children)-Three ring services can be conducted or how about a special necklace for children? This can include a commitment vow said to the children as part of a new family circle.
Sand Unity Ceremony-This is a perfect service when you want to include children. This is done when there is a general joining of two families who both have children. A wonderful keepsake of the occasion as well.This can also be done with just the Bride and Groom and provides a lovely keepsake.
"Jump the Broom" Ceremony- this is the traditional ancient African wedding ceremony long before clergy entered the picture. Once the couple jump the broom while holding hands, the marriage is complete. This is a wonderful addition to a wedding ceremony.
Elopement Ceremony- a very quick service with little fanfare. This can be done to legalize a destination wedding. Then just do a symbolic wedding at your destination. Very short and sweet with no legal complications!
Same Sex Marriages - love comes in many forms and we are proud to offer this service.
Candle Unity Lighting Service- the lighting of candles symbolizing the joining together of two families. This can also be done as a memorial to a loved one no longer with us.

Pegan Wedding Ritual- This service is based on very old unity rites.
*If there is a service you wish but don't see it listed here please call and ask us about it.
We also offer other types of ceremonies:
Celebrations of Life, Memorial Services, Baby Blessing and Naming Ceremonies and House Blessings
(check out memorial/life celebrations section)
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