A Service to Remember - ' for all of life's significant moments'
Native Indian blanket ceremony

Amazing Native Indian wedding ceremony complete with blanket ceremony, tea sharing, smudging, drumming and plenty of communal involvement with Elders, family and friends.

Romantic winter evening ceremony. Wonderful couple!

Romantic Filipino wedding with cord and veil. Mixed with Ukrainian touch.

Beautiful Native Indian Ceremony complete with smudging and Invocation of the Four Directions. Moccasins and white native wedding gown -Congratulations to Jeanne and Fred!A Service to remember - weddings
A Service to remember - Handfasting
Veil and Cord Ceremony Weddings
This is a beautiful Filipino Veil and Cord ceremony with Blessing of the Coins included. Congratulations to Katherine and Morgan!
Scottish Handfasting ceremony complete with Pinning of the Tartan. Congratulations to Laird and Lady Alicia and Ian. The braid was made exclusively for this couple and braided by Rev. Maggie along with prayers for a long and happy marriage and a long healthy life together.
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