A Service to Remember - ' for all of life's significant moments'

Clergy Services : More than 80% of the population are not longer affiliated with an organized religion. As a professionally ordained Spiritualist Minister, Rev. Maggie Cavalier embraces all religions as well as being able to provide services that are non religious based. The services that she provides are rites of passage and are performed with love and dedication to the families.
                                      Celebration of Life or Memorial Service
Rev. Maggie CavalierRev. Maggie Cavalier is a Certified Funeral Celebrant. She is here to serve the family. As a Spiritualist Minister, she embraces all religions as well as providing services with no religious affiliation. If you have any questions, please give me a call.
What a Celebrant does?
A Celebrant is focused on the family to create a service that celebrates the life of their loved one. I spend time learning and creating a service from information received from friends and family. The family wants to let everyone know what an amazing person their loved one was. I have a background of working with end of life illness and can truly appreciate the feeling of grief and loss. Spiritual counselling can be provided.
Naming Ceremonies/ Christenings/ Baby Blessings
Baby naming ceremonies and christenings can be performed at the site of your choice. The birth of a baby or any addition to your family is a miraculous gift and should be celebrated with family and friends. A wonderful ceremony can be specifically created for your baby, child or children. This can be a religious ceremony or a more spiritual/metaphysical ceremony.
House Blessing or Clearing 
Wish to have your home blessed after you have moved in. This is a very simple ceremony designed for you specifically. Having problems in your home? Have you just moved in or has someone been ill, or have you had company and think it is time to clear all negative energy?  Call regarding a house clearing or a blessing. 
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